Butyl Deck Flash by Cofair Products

Butyl Deck Flash by Cofair Products – Booth 621

Cofair Products Butyl Deck Flash Barrier with Steel-Loc butyl adhesive provides exceptional adhesion, at install temperatures as low as 25o F. Butyl Deck Flash Barrier is available in 15/8” and 31/8“ x 50’ rolls designed to fit over single or double joists. It is manufactured in the USA.


DesignRail Panel Infill by Feeney

DesignRail® Panel Infill by Feeney – Booth 312

Feeney’s DesignRail® Panel Infill significantly expands design potential for both exterior and interior spaces. Available in a variety of styles and materials, including stainless steel wire mesh, laser cut aluminum panels with powder-coated finishes, and resin panels with embedded materials (for interiors), the infills can be customized to meet almost any design specification.

Premium Door Install Kit –EXPR Brackets by Express Products

Premium Door Install Kit – EXPR Brackets – Booth 813

EXPR Brackets are a premium door installation system. This fail-proof bracket system allows for quick and no hassle door installation for beginners to pros. Using this quick, fail-proof system, doors can be installed accurately in as little as 5 minutes without the hard work of shimming.


Weather Master Windows & Doors by Sunspace – Booth 420

Weather Master Windows & Doors by Sunspace – Booth 420

Exclusive to Sunspace and designed for porches, sunrooms and patio enclosures, WeatherMaster Window Systems are easily installed. Vertical or horizontal 2 & 4-track vinyl windows are maintenance-free and custom made to openings. Made with View Flex vinyl glazing (it's more durable than glass!) in a variety of tints; infinitely adjustable and effortlessly stackable up to 75% ventilation.

XactRemodel GO by Xactware – Booth 805

XactRemodel GO by Xactware – Booth 805

And the winner is… The first to bid. Bid faster and win more work. XactRemodel GO is the mobile app that provides precise localized cost research, pre-built estimate templates, and professional proposals so you can build and submit winning bids at the job site. Available on Google Play and the App Store.


Tite Seal Butyl by Cofair – Booth 621

Tite Seal Butyl by Cofair Products – Booth 621

Cofair Product’s Tite Seal Butyl Ultra Window Flashing (TSBUltra) meets AAMA 711-13 Level 3 guidelines.  TSBUltra, with Steel-Loc Ultra Butyl adhesive, provides outstanding adhesion, at extreme install temperatures as low as -20o F, is caulk and silicone compatible and service temperature of -30o to 200oF.  Available: 4”x33’, 4”x75’ and 6”x75’ 

Stationary Awnings  by Feeney

Stationary Awnings by Feeney – Booth 312

Feeney’s stationary awnings offer protection from the weather, while adding a distinctive architectural element to exteriors. Constructed of durable powder-coated aluminum, the awnings can withstand snow/wind loads up to 35.5 psf and feature built-in rain gutters that direct runoff to the sides. Available in two styles and a range of panel and frame color options.

EazyHang Cabinet Installation & Alignment System – Booth 1053

EazyHang Cabinet Installation and Alignment System – Booth 1053

Reinventing Cabinet Hanging. EazyHang is the only universal fit, auto aligning, cabinet installation system that works on any domestic style (rear hanging) pre-assembled or ready-to-assemble (RTA) framed or frameless cabinet. Cabinet installation can now be accomplished with picture hanging ease.


STOPDIGGING! – Booth 637

STOPDIGGING! – Booth 637

STOP DIGGING! Save time and money on your construction projects. Ground screws can be used for anything that needs ground anchoring. We have a range of models in various lengths and dimensions, all developed and tested for most types of climates and weather conditions. NO DIGGING. NO CONCRETE. LONG LASTING.


InvisiDeck Hidden SCRAIL System by FASCO

InvisiDeck® Hidden SCRAIL® System by FASCO – Booth 842

The InvisiDeck® Hidden SCRAIL® System achieves the perfect deck without visible fasteners! InvisiDeck® SCRAIL® fasteners are installed with the air driven InvisiDeck® tool in the groove on side of the deck board. In addition, InvisiDeck® is up to 5 times faster than conventional systems and leaves a smooth surface.

Koruser Temporary Floor Protection Material – Booth 423

Koruser Temporary Floor Protection Material – Booth 423

Innovative protective solutions intended for all types of hard surfaces including: floors, counters, toilet/bathtubs, doors, etc.
* Easy to apply alone (light-weight material)
* No tape required
* Paint/Liquid Proof 
* Anti-slip
* Breathable * Absorbent

Perma-Column Deck Posts and FootingPad– Booth 738

Deck Posts & FootingPad® Composite Footers – Booth 738

Perma-Column®. Certified code compliant by ICC Evaluation Services, the patented design of Perma-Column® combines precast concrete with rebar reinforcements and a welded powder-coated steel bracket for durability and speed. Combine with FootingPad® composite post footers and eliminate the hassles of ready-mix concrete. The permanent deck foundation that will last for generations.

HANDI Pier™ by Natural Concrete Products  – Booth 453

HANDI Pier™ by Natural Concrete Products – Booth 453

HANDI Pier™ by Natural Concrete Products is an easier way to install decking and foundation systems. Stop digging holes and waiting on concrete.  NO footings, NO concrete and installs in minutes saving you time and money!  Complies with 2018, 2015 and 2006 IRC, as confirmed in ICC-ES ESR 4404. 


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