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Official Sponsor of the Remodeling Show

National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)

Official Sponsor of the Remodeling Show, NAHB, National Association of Home Builders, is a Washington, D.C.-based trade association
that strives to protect the American Dream of housing opportunities for all, while working to achieve professional success for its members who build communities, create jobs and strengthen our economy. NAHB represents over 140,000 members through a federation of over 700 state and local associations.

NAHB Remodelers is America’s home for professional remodelers, representing the nearly 50,000 members of NAHB who are involved in the remodeling industry. Founded in 1982, NAHB Remodelers works in partnership with remodelers councils at nearly 100 NAHB-affiliated state and local builders' associations to provide information, education, connections and recognition programs to improve the business and construction expertise of its members and to enhance the professional image of the industry. 

Official Sponsor of DeckExpo

North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA)

The mission of the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA)—Official Sponsor of DeckExpo—is to provide a unified source for the professional development, promotion, growth, and sustenance of the Deck and Railing building industry in North America so that members can exceed the expectations of their customers.  

A little history:

·  NADRA was formed in 2004 in response to concern over compatibility of fasteners with new chemical formulation of pressure treated lumber

·  Started with 19 guys donating $100 a piece for seed money

·  Members consist of: Deck Builders, Architects, Inspectors, Manufacturers, Dealers/Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers, Branch Representative and       Industry Service Providers

·  All working together for the growth of the industry

·  NADRA promotes outdoor living at its best, in safe and creative environments for the enjoyment of every homeowner

NADRA's core purpose is to be the voice of the deck & railing industry by promoting national Deck Safety Month®, helping guide code writing and regulations with ICC and sponsoring DeckExpo, the premiere trade event for the deck, dock, and railing industry.

In addition, NADRA strives to educate everyone in all aspects of deck safety, from consumers, to deck builders, inspectors, lumberyards, retailers, manufacturers, architects, code officials, the mass media and everyone else in our chain of commerce. Your association leads in many ways through the following respected programs:  Deck Safety Month® • Check Your Deck® • Deck for a Soldier® • Certified Education for industry professionals: Master Deck Professional -Code, Deck Evaluation - Inspection • CPAC – Consumer Product Awareness Charter • ICC Code Work • Media Consultation • Industry Statistics / Reporting

Official Publication of the Remodeling Show

Remodeling Magazine

Remodeling Magazine reaches 80,590 remodelers—the industry’s leading remodelers who are making business decisions—from products to contracts to design to field operations and more.  These remodelers specify and buy products all the time. In every interaction with every client, remodelers represent the products they install and the tools they use—making them brand managers that you need to reach. Remodeling Magazine is your best connection to the industry’s top pros.

Official Publication of DeckExpo

Professional Deck Builder Magazine

Professional Deck Builder Magazine is your #1 source for the deck, dock and railing industry.  Published bi-monthly, Professional Deck Builder Magazine strives to educate and inform professional deck-dock-railing builders; to provide a venue for manufacturers and suppliers to reach buyers; and to contribute to growth and professionalism of the industry.